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New South Classics, LLC is a web-based residential design source. All construction documents and plans ordered from New South Classics are provided as is for a one time use by purchaser only. New South Classics disclaims all other warranties, express or implied, including merchantability or fitness of purpose. These documents are not sealed by a licensed architect or structural engineer. It is the purchaser's responsibility to ensure the accuracy, compliance with applicable statutes, codes, rules, regulations, and appropriateness of purpose of any plans or construction documents received from New South Classics, LLC prior to the use of said documents. The purchase of plans and construction documents from New South Classics, LLC does not include the review of completed construction documents with the purchaser or modification of completed construction documents. New South Classics, LLC will allow one floor plan review by purchaser and modification within the scope of work of our quote prior to completion of the complete set of drawings. Additional modifications beyond the scope quoted may require an additional fee.


These drawings and notes represent a minimum standard and have been issued without the knowledge of, or, reference to a particular geographic location. Local regulations or community ARB rules may require purchaser to have a local, licensed architect or structural engineer review these plans for accuracy of the information that is provided and use of such information is at the recipient's own risk. New South Classics provides no assurances that any reported problems may be resolved with the use of any information that New South Classics provides. New South Classics, LLC is not liable for incidental, special, consequential, or indirect damages, anticipated profits or economic loss as a result of using our services or construction documents. In the event any liability to you or any third party, said liability shall not exceed the price paid for the New South Classics, LLC documents and services. Plans may not be altered or modified without the express written permission of New South Classics, LLC.


Some plans may be back-ordered or in production for modifications, improvements and quality control purposes. If so, you will be notified and every attempt will be made to expedite your order to meet your schedule requirements.


By ordering a plan through this web site, you have acknowledged that you have read, understand and agree to the Terms and Conditions outlined above.




Our house plans are copyrighted and the intellectual property of New South Classics, LLC. It is illegal to copy house plans to avoid having to pay for the plans, even if modifications are made to the copied plans. It is also illegal to copy an existing home plan that is protected by copyright even if one has never seen the plans for the home. If a particular plan or an existing house is desired, a set of plans must be purchased from New South Classics, LLC. Willful infringement could result in settlements for statutory damages plus attorney's fees, punitive damages and loss of profits.


Plan Modifications:


Modifications to our plans may be requested by purchaser. Once the purchaser notifies us in writing of the desired modifications, we will provide a written quote for the work. The purchase price of the plans will be the base cost of the plans as shown on our "Order Plans" page plus the written quoted cost for the modifications. Plans in PDF format on CD or eletronic file will be an additional cost as noted on our "Order Plans" page. Purchaser will be given one (1) preliminary floor plan review for approval or changes within the scope of the written quote before the set of revised plans is completed. Purchaser will have two weeks from the date of the E-mailed PDF modified floor plans to approve or make additional changes. If purchaser does not approve or modify the preliminary plans within two weeks, the plans will be completed as shown on the PDF preliminary plans and shipped to purchaser.





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