Petit Cottages (Under 1,800 SF)

French Guest House
French 4 car garage with living space above
French 2 car garage with living space above
Mon Abri





1,045 Sq. Ft.

Family Room/Kitchen:  14'-7"x36'-11"

Bedroom #1: 12'x14'

Bedroom #2: 12'x14'

Bath: 8'x13'-6"

Terrace: 16'x20'-6"


Overall Dimensions:

38' x 45' (including covered terrace)












4 Car Garage: 28'x47'

Bonus Living Above: 710 SF


Overall: 31'x60'


















1,575 SF

2 Car Garage

Bonus living above


Overall: 37'-9"x26'-0"


















1 or 2 Bedroom

1,096 - 1,323 SF


Large master suite

Open, vaulted great room


Overall:  39'-8"X43'-6"

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